The manufacturing divisions of Hallmark Aquaequipment Pvt Ltd. are based in Raipur and Kolkata, which are updated and upgraded every year, with an objective of keeping up the quality level of our products at a global standard.

Our offices and factories comprise of a green and clean environment, which provide our team, a proper ambience to deliver their best. Our extrusion system is completely automatic: self - calibrated which yields uniform quality product. With modern quality control facilities in both our factories, and a well - trained technical team to look after the same, Hallmark looks forward to compete with the global standards when it comes to quality of products.

Currently having the capacity to manufacture pipes and fittings from 20 to 250 mm, confirming to both, Indian and global standards, Hallmark also possesses an expert team of fabricators, capable of catering to customized orders of higher diameters.

Hallmark is putting additional effort in its research and development, to find out various avenues, to minimize the energy-efficiency of our manufacturing processes, keeping in mind, joining the nation in its efforts for conservation of energy. The water used in the production, is 100% recycled, allowing zero wastage, thus justifying water conservation.

We are also harvesting rainwater in our factories and recharging the same to the groundwater after proper filtration.