Founded in the year 1987, with a prime aim to manufacture specialized HDPE fittings for sprinkler irrigation systems, we were the first to introduce completely moulded HDPE coupling system – which lay focus on strength, lightness in weight and cost-effectiveness.

In the year 1992, we made a major breakthrough in the coffee plantation industry, with the introduction of a specially designed sprinkler irrigation system which overcame the various challenges like undulating terrain of the plantations, and irrigation requirement of the coffee plant.

Hallmark Aquaequipment evolved as a leading brand, with its strength of innovating portable HDPE sprinkler systems, supported by underground HDPE mainline pipes. Our uniqueness in design has made possible the efficient handling of water, upto 500 cubic meters per hour, in extremely challenging physical conditions, which gives our system the edge in places, where previous metallic irrigation systems failed to perform.

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